Hero Hype, Miami & Orlando Comic Convention(s) & Expo 2013-2017
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Call us: (786).663.5811 Email us: herohype@gmail.com
This is where you will find all gaming taking place at Hero Hype events. We have various games to choose
and play from. Classic to the hottest games out, come play and enter our gaming competition or just hang out
for the day. All games are Free to play with paid admission including Competition.
2017 Gaming Line Up Tournaments

PS4 Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3

PS4 Mortal Kombat XL

PS4 Injustice Ultimate Edition

PS4 Street Fighter V

XBOX One Killer Instinct

XBOX One Naruto Ultimate Ninja
Storm 4

Nintendo Wii U Super Smash Bros
We will be having Nintendo Switch to play