We have numerous cosplayers that enter
our costume contest competition, who
knows you might be our next winner!
Hero Hype, Miami & Orlando Comic Convention(s), Hero Hype Expo, Hero Hype Comics & Armored Bots 2013-2017
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2017 has been a very busy but exciting year and we want to give everyone something new and different here at Hero Hype Inc.

2017 was full of new things and we have more that we will be releasing in the upcoming months at our event's, social media and other ways
possible. This year we kicked off spring as usual in our hometown of Miami Florida with the official "Miami Comic Con" and then we
introduced the official "Orlando Comic Con" but things didn't and won't stop there! We also are launching our own "Hero Hype Comics" that
will feature our original comic series called "Armored Bots".

We have a lot for everyone that comes out to our events! We offer a gaming room with various gaming tournaments, panel room, our main
event costume contest, laser tag and more, again we welcome you to come out! We want to Thank everyone that has been supporting us,
especially to all our loyal fans and followers! We invite YOU to "Come Experience It"
Hero Hype Comics present "Armored Bots" Coming Soon, an original Hero Hype Inc Story