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Hero Hype Miami 2020 Panels hosted by The Media Nut

10 AM: Event Starts

10:15 AM: Guilty Pleaure Movies hosted by We Seen't It

11 AM: Pop culture- how to get started in film, comics and novels on a nanobudget with Rick Royster and Vincent

12 PM: Super Hero Video Games and Why They're Amazing! Gaming journalist and content creator Jakejames
Lugo takes a deep dive into the world of superhero video games. What makes the best games based on our
favorite heroes and villains? What are the worst games based on our favorite comics? Whether you're a big
Marvel or DC fan (or you love indies!) chances are you love video games too, this is the panel for you and

1 PM: The Monster Panel: Breakthroughs and backlash of black Sci-fi with Jeff Carol

2 PM: The Theme Song Guessing Game! Come test your pop culture knowledge and see if you can anem the titles
of various movies, TV shows, video games, anime and musicals.Participants have to guess the correct titles
receive a point. The 10 winners with the most points at the end each receive a prize they pick from a selection of
various prizes. 1st place winner will receive a $50 gift card. This panel is open to all ages!
Hosted by Fantasticarium

3 PM: Body Positivity & Disability awareness hour with craycraykitty and CoCo

4 PM: Costume Contest Sign up for our 2020 costume contest and "Become Your Hero". Don't just go to a con,
come experience the Hype!

5 PM: Avengers Endgame Trivia. We're in the Endgame now. Join the Ramblers as they Assemble the Ultimate
Group of Marvel fans to test their knowledge of Avengers Endgame! Are you smarter than Shuri? Do you have
more knowledge than the Mind Stone? Test your luck and WIN A PRIZE!!! It's time to MASH IT UP!!!
Hosted by Random Ramblings Productions Snapping Turtle (Rebecca Proenza), The Media Nut (Pedro Otaiza),
Silly Drifloon (Zaidy Enriquez), Giovanni Ciardetti and Crabshack Cosplays (Kaelea Elizabeth Murphy)

Hero Hype Gaming: All gaming tournaments are Free to enter & included with paid event admission, limited player
space so arrive early to sign up. 1st place winner will receive a prize. All gaming stations are Free to play at no
additional/hidden charge. Laser Tag is included with paid event admission.

1 PM: Ultimate Smash Bros (Nintendo Switch)

6 PM: Event Ends