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                                                                  Want to become a panelist?

Are you interested in having a panel at any of our event(s)? If yes then fill out the following questions and email us! All
panels are on a first come basis and space fills up fast. If you are selected we will contact you with details. Please
provide as much details so we can review, all topics must be based on gaming, comics, anime, cosplay, how to, art or
prop/skill/talent based. Many will apply only few will be selected. All panelist(s) will be provided with 2 wired
microphones & an a LED Screen to play video files that support hdmi or usb formats.

Please email all requests: herohype@gmail.com (if you are selected we will notify you)

1. Which of our event(s) are you applying for? Miami, Orlando, Expo or all 3?

2. Panel Name & Hosted by:
3. Panel Description:
4. Contact (Phone/e-mail/social media):
5. Time Length (30 minutes or 1 hour):
6. How many panelist(s) on stage, (max is 4 on stage): SEE FOOTNOTE *
7. First time doing a panel? If not which other events have you been a panelist at?
8. Any Special requirements?

* If you are selected you will get One Free panelist pass and any additional passes needed can be purchased
day of event at a discounted rate per pass.

* If you are selected as a panelist this does not guarantee that everyone who comes along with you will enter
or get free passes automatically (unless approved in advance directly from us).

* All panelist(s) are placed accordingly to time schedule slots we have available or if any cancellations prior to
the event, this can be updated often until we get closer to the event as it's complete.

* All panelist(s) are asked to setup 5 minutes before and after for the next panelist to go on stage, please be
considerate to other panelist(s) when going on and off stage.

* No food allowed during panel on stage, please be considerate not to spill any liquids such as water or coffee
while having a panel on stage.